“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
Alan Kay, father of the personal computer

Do you know what it means to be in the company of the “best of the best”? I do, I worked with them at LatinSphere advertising on the Touch Of Magic Disney account (more on this later). This experience changed my life forever! It sent me moving towards a future I never imagined possible, starting my own creative agency and not looking back. I knew I was a creative from a young age, when my 3rd grade teacher asked for a report on Native Indians and I wrote a report on my invented linage of elves and trolls, with sketches to match the story line. Brought into the Advertising space by my mentor Richard Vasquez at the ripe age of 18 and given an opportunity to run with my creative ideas, to design & develop visual communication pieces for these ideas, it was a no brainier, I had found my career path, BoOM, we are now flying towards greatness. Or are we?

You quickly learn that just because you have vision, just because you can see it in your minds eye, it does not mean you can automatically translate this vision on to the specified medium. Did someone say, burn the midnight oil? I made it a priority to learn every possible tool available to me whether digital or physical that would help me translate my creative on to any medium anybody ever asked for. It made me the student I currently am today, do we ever stop learning? No, I still try and learn something new everyday in this ever evolving landscape.

“There is no better company then in the presence of the best of the best – Alexander Mora”

Business is thriving, I am creating amazing work that speaks to my clients demographic, but I am always looking for new ways to find bigger and better work, to not get complacent and search for bigger opportunities not only to improve my skill sets and experience but touch others through the work I do. To work with the best of the best for the best of the best! That is what this article is about. Enter joining the Toptal Freelance Visual Designers Community when I read about them and did my research, I immediately knew that I needed to join the ranks. They only accept 3% of the people that apply, I am confident that I am in that 3%! Not that confident that gets you in trouble in life, not arrogant confidence, but the confidence that strives for greatness, the confidence that comes with humility, the confidence that changes the world, the confidence that never has to ask; just does, the confidence that knows there is no other way, the unstoppable confidence that makes the top 3% who we are!!!

So why do I want to join the best of the best on Toptal?

  1. To work with the best companies on earth and contribute through my talents and skills
  2. To push myself further then anybody ever thought that I would go
  3. To create genius through my work
  4. To be challenged, meet that challenge and come out on top
  5. “There is no better company then in the presence of the best of the best – Alexander Mora”

To pick up where we left off about the Disney Touch Of Magic program, working with Disney pushed me to the limits of my imagination, it was a place where “no” was not an answer, there was a creative solution for everything and it all had to be magical, no shortcuts, “Disneyesque” was the secret word! The team I worked with on this program was the best of the best in that season. It is time to join the new ranks of the best of the best, Toptal!

I am now in the interview process to work with the Toptal Freelance Visual Designers Community and hope for a smooth acceptance, check back here to see updates. If you think you are in that top 3% as well, I recommend you come on over and join us here on Toptal (This is me thinking I am already in) as always #createhappy & #designhappy




Alexander Mora has over 13 years’ experience in branding, marketing and creative! Having worked with two of the top 25 Hispanic advertising agencies in the USA he brings his experience and skill set ready to work for you. Create happy!

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