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Branding-Icon-Retina-SizeIs your website responsive?

Did you know that 85% of Americans use a mobile device to surf the web? Most of what is used is smart phones such as the Apple iPhone & Android devices. If I went to your website on my iPhone will it be responsive to my screen size or when I rotate my phone? The answer is probably not! About 90% of today’s websites were developed before smart phones were able to surf the web effectively. If your website is not responsive chances are the visitor will leave because an un-responsive website on a mobile device is really difficult to navigate and is not user friendly.

At LXM Design Studio we design, develop & implement 100% responsive sites that work on all the popular browsers right from the start! So if you are a new business that needs a website or an existing business that needs to revamp your current site to make it responsive and give it a fresh new look… We are here to help!


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